Waterproof digital thermometer Model PC-9215II

PC-9215II is a waterproof type digital thermometer (the Waterproof property: JIS C 0920 IPX5) that is variable to operate with wet hands.
A compact and light-weight body and the measuring range is -30 to 150°C. This model is usable for various applications.


Available to operate the unit with wet hands.
Waterproof property: JIS C 0920 IPX5
Min. and Max. temperatures can be displayed.
Hold function: Measured value can be held
Auto power-off function: Even if you forget to turn the power off, this function conserves battery power
It comes with a plastic sheath with a clip that is convenient for carrying and storing.


Food Manufacturing process control Refrigerated food management Food storage management
Maintenance inspection of air conditioners In agriculture and horticulture Maintenance inspection of cars
Temperature control of developer Brewing and fermentation process control Experiment and educational materials


Measuring Range -30 to 150°C
Accuracy ±1°C at 0 to 140°C
±2°C at other than above
Resolution 0.1°C
Sampling Time every 1 second
Display functions MAX, MIN, HOLD
Auto power-off function The power is automatically turned off after approx. 60 min.
Waterproof property Confirming to JIS C 0920 IPX5
Power Requirement 1.5VDC (one LR44 button cell battery)
Battery life about 9 months (one hour use in a day)
Materials Main Unit and sheath: ABS resin
Sensing stem: stainless steel
Dimensions Main Unit: approx. Ø47×(T)20×(L)176mm (including sensing part)
Sensing part: approx. Ø3.5×(L)116mm
Weight approx. 25g (including a battery)
Accessories Sheath with clip (10mm dia. x 144mm (L)), One LR44 button cell battery