Personal Comfort Checker PC-7960GTI

Handy type comfort checker displays Temperature, Humidity, Heat stress index, Seasonal influenza index and UV index. Each index is displayed with bars and icons. Unsafe conditions are indicated at each level by Alarm function.



- Handy type comfortchecker displays  temperature, humidity, Heat stress index, Seasonal influenza index and UV index.
- Calendar function available
  Heat stress index and Seasonal influenza index are automatically switched by built-in Calendar function.
    . April to October: Heat stress index is displayed
    . November to March: Seasonal influenza index is displayed
  *Heat stress index and Seasonal influenza index cannot be switched manually.
- Depending on the configured SKIN type, the device displays the SPF value which corresponds to the measured UV index.
  -   Alarm sounds to indicate the warning level of each index
  -   Displays min/max of temperature and humidity
  -   LED lights
  -   Supplied with a strap for handy-carrying

Heat stress index Seasonal influenza index UV index


Catalog number No.1076-50
Product name Personal Comfort Checker
Model PC-7960GTI
Measuring range Temperature : -9.9 to 50.0°C Humidity: 20.0 to 90.0%rh
Measuring accuracy Temperature: ±1.0°C at 10 to 40°C, ±1.5°C at other range
Humidity:±5.0%rh at 20 to 30°C, 40 to 70%rh, 8.0%rh at other range
Heat stress Monitor WBGT INDEX (computing display) / 5 levels LCD display
Seasonal influenza Absolute humidity (computing display) / 3 levels LCD display
UV checker UV Index 0 to 19 / 5levels LCD display / 5 steps LCD displays, SKIN Type configuration, SPF value display
Alarm sounds

Alarm sounds every one minute interval at the following levels (ON or Off of the sound is toggleble)

. Heat stress index : Warning, Danger
. Seasonal influenza: Alert
. UV checker : Warning, Danger

LED lights White light LED (not replaceable)
Power requirement Button cell lithium battery CR2032×1pc.
Battery life approx. 9 months
Dimensions (W)79.5×(H)38.6×(D)11.6mm
Weight 23g (including the battery)
Accessories Button cell lithium battery CR2032×1 pc., hand strap, instruction manual
Packing 12 a box 10 boxes (120 pcs.) in a carton


- Each displayed value can be perceived quite differently among each individual and his/her health condition.

- Each displayed value doesn't guarantee the occurrence of the phenomenon.

- Warning or Alert announced by public agency may differ from the warning of alert of this device.

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