Precision Digital Thermometer Model SK-810PT

SK-810PT can precisely detect temperatures with 0.01°C resolution in the range of -100 to 360°C. Six optional PT100 probes are provided. This thermometer will take the place of mercury filled standard glass thermometers so far used. (Probes are sold separately)

The SK-810PT offers excellent accuracy and stability, and the sensor has a platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100, 4-wire).

This is a portable digital thermometer. It can display readings with a high resolution of 0.01°C throughout the measuring range of -100°C to +360°C, and ensures highly accurate measurement with a maximum accuracy of ±0.16°C.

It also performs well at low temperatures where highly accurate measurement has conventionally been difficult.

There are six types of highly-accurate, long-term stable temperature probes as options, each designed for a specific temperature range of low, medium or high.

The indicator works perfectly with the various optional probes.

Specifications and Functions

Display of various calculation results (Image No.1)
The maximum (MAX), minimum (MIN), relative (REL) and moving average (AVG) values are calculated and displayed.
Functional, Durable and Stylish (Image No.2)
To help improve visibility and legibility, the display uses large numeric characters and tilts at about seven degrees when placed on a desktop.
The wall-mount hook can be pulled out when necessary, so the design remains flat. (Image No.3)
(The neck strap hole is provided on the bottom of the case.)
Damage due to dropping is minimized by the protective rubber around the case.
Highly waterproof indicator (JIS C 0920 "IPX7" compliant)
The main unit is highly waterproof when the sensor is securely connected, and so can be touched by wet hands or splashed with water without risk.
IPX7: When submerged in room-temperature water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, the device is not adversely affected by water infiltration.The indicator, however, cannot be used under water.


Runs for up to 1000 operating hours with alkaline batteries
Long-term measurement is possible with four AAA alkaline batteries (battery life varies with the conditions).

Caution: Use of a nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery in a device with a sealed structure is prohibited by battery manufacturers in Japan.
Please use manganese or alkaline batteries, not the rechargeable type.

Cat. No. No.8012-00
Model SK-810PT (main unit only)
Display range -105.00 to 365.00°C
Resolution 0.01°C
Accuracy ±(0.05°C+1digit) at 23°C±5°C
(Total accuracy is different depending on the probe connected)
Temperature coefficient ±(0.002%rdg + 0.008)°C/°C at other than 23°C±5°C
Waterproof property Conforming JIS C 0920 IPX7 (when probe is connected)
Main functions Max. value(MAX), Min. value (MIN), Measurement of variation(REL), Moving average(AVG)
Power AAA size alkaline battery x 4 pcs.
Materials ABS resin
Dimensions & weight (W)70×(H)169×(D)42mm (exclusive of connector)
Approx. 220g (inclusive of batteries)
Accessories AAA size alkaline battery x 4 pcs
vinyl cover, neck strap, instruction manual

Features and Specifications (Optional probes)

Optional probes specified
These optional probes of professional specifications can fully show the performance of the SK-810PT digital thermometer. In order to stably use for a long period, the probes are specified for lower, medium and high temperature ranges.
The sensing element is a platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100, 4-wire) that ensures a maximum accuracy of ±0.16°C in each range by memorizing the characteristics of the individual element in the sensing part and having correction in the internal circuit of the main unit.

The probes are completely compatible with SK-810PT, and the highly accurate measurement is obtained when any one of them is connected with SK-810PT.

Available to calibrate the SK-810PT with a probe
As for the details, refer to here.

Range For Lower Temperature For Medium temperature For High temperature
Handle shape Grip Sleeve Grip Sleeve Grip Sleeve
Cat. No. No.8012-30 No.8012-50 No.8012-32 No.8012-52 No.8012-34 No.8012-54
Model S810PT-30 S810PT-50 S810PT-32 S810PT-52 S810PT-34 S810PT-54
Range -100.00 to 50.00°C 0.00 to 200.00°C 150.00 to 360.00°C
Accuracy ±0.10°C
Waterproof Property compliant to JIS C 0920 IPX7
(at connected with probe)
--- compliant to JIS C 0920 IPX7
(at connected with probe)
--- compliant to JIS C 0920 IPX7
(at connected with probe)
Element Pt100 (4 wires)
Materials Sensing part SUS316
Handle SUS304
cord silicon coating
Dimensions Sensing part Ø3.2×250mm round end Ø3.2×300mm round end
Handle Ø18×107mm Ø8×40mm Ø18×107mm Ø8×40mm Ø18×107mm Ø8×40mm
cord 1.5m
Weight 208g 65g 208g 65g 210g 67g
Accessory Instruction manual
Test result (at 0°C )
Instruction manual
Test result (at 100°C )
Instruction manual
Test result (at 200°C )

General-purpose probe
The sensing element is a platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100, 4-wire) that covers a wide measuring range of -100 to +200 °C with high accuracy.  The combined accuracy (main body and probe) is ±0.41°C (±0.21°C  at 0°C).  This probe is also interchangeably used with SK-810PT.

* When the thermometer is used in a specified range, use of the dedicated probe for lower, medium and high temperature is recommended for more accurate measurement.

The calibration certificate is available at option

Name General-purpose probe
Cat. No. No.8012-10
Model S810PT-10
Measuring range -100.00 to 200.00°C
Accuracy ±(0.15°C+0.002|t|) *|t|: absolute value
Waterproof rate JIS C 0920 IPX7 (When the probe is connected with a main unit)
Temp. element PT100 (4 wires)

Sensing stem SUS304
Grip Phenol resin
Cord Fluorine resin coating
Dimensions Sensing stem approx. Ø3.2×150mm round end
Grip approx. Ø15×100mm
Cord approx. 1.0m
Weights approx. 80g
Accuracy Instruction manual
Test result (one point at 0°C)

Optional Items

Carrying case
The SK-810PT and probes can be stored in this carrying case. The main unit and the clip can be put on the upper stull and three probes can be stored on the lower stull.  Rigid sponge is used inside of the case for safety storage and transportation. The shoulder strap and the clip for holding a probe are provided as standard accessories.
Clip for holding a probe
This clip is useful to hold a probe on a wall, a beaker or equipment.
NB. The clip is provided with No.8012-90 carrying case as an accessory.


Products Carrying case for SK-810PT Clip for holding a probe
Catalog No. No.8012-90 No.8012-92
Materials vinyl SUS304
Dimensions (W)470×(H)153×(D)168mm (exclusive of protrusion)  
Weight 1.3kg 60g
Accessory Shoulder strap, clip for No.8012-92 S810PT probe  


Kind of probes low temperature Medium temperature High temperature
Cat. No. No.8012-30 No.8012-50 No.8012-32 No.8012-52 No.8012-34 No.8012-54
Model S810PT-30 S810PT-50 S810PT-32 S810PT-52 S810PT-34 S810PT-54
Standard calibration point Traceability -50°C, 0°C, 50°C 0°C, 100°C, 200°C 150°C, 200°C, 300°C
JCSS/A2LA on inquiry