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Software for SK-L200 and SK-L200II Series Dataloggers

This document describes important information about this product. Read it thoroughly before use.


Software Use Agreements
This software shall be used only by users who have agreed on the following terms:

Exemption from liability
We, Sato Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd., check for general operation performance of the program,
however we do not guarantee for those under all possible situations.
We do not take any responsibilities on any damages caused directly or indirectly by the program.

Copy Rights
1. All rights related to the program itself and documentations of the "DATALOGGER for
   Windows" are reserved by Sato Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd.

2. The "DATALOGGER for Windows" can be used at free of charge under following limitations:
- Any recompilation class file analysis or alteration is strongly restricted.
- Any damages caused during usage of the program are not responsible of
   Sato Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd.
- The responsibilities related to redistribution of the program are entirely onto users; in case of
   redistribution, the program shall not be used for commercial reasons even when used in-
   corporation, inter-corporation or by others.
- Sato Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd. shall not take any responsibilities for any damages caused by
   redistributed program by a user.

Features of the software

  • "DATALOGGER for Windows" is used to set the various settings in the SK-L200 series and SK-L200II series Dataloggers and analyze the acquired data.
    The data measured by the Datalogger can be transferred to a personal computer using "DATALOGGER for Windows" and then displayed as graphs, printed, or analyzed.
    By saving the data as a file in CSV format, it can be analyzed using commercially available CSV-compatible spreadsheet software.

Software Download Site

*Be sure to check the OS version and the bit number of your computer
before starting the installation and download the applicable software.

Program Name DATALOGGER for Windows Ver. 6.2E
Model SK-L200T II
OS Windows7(SP1 or better)

*Operation verification has been done by Professional 64-bit and 32-bit editions.
Install manual Software_Installation_Manual_S06.pdf

*Be sure to read the manual before the installation.
Software download The USB Driver has been changed from the units having the following serial numbers.

  SK-L200T II    : No.010851 or later
  SK-L200TH IIα : No.008201 or later

Check the serial number of the unit to be used and select the applicable software from the following.
When you have used our dataloggers before and the software have been installed, download applicable software and install the "USB Driver".
*Please do not remove the previous installed USB driver "SK-L200 Seral Port Drivers" because it is needed to use the previous unit.

For the unit with the other than the target serial number
  64-bit : 64bitKioku62E_64.ZIP (approx. 46MB) ZIP Compression
  32-bit : 32bitKioku62E_32.ZIP (approx. 46MB) ZIP Compression

For the unit with the target serial number
  64-bit : 64bitKioku62E_64n.ZIP (approx. 48MB) ZIP Compression
  32-bit : 32bitKioku62E_32n.ZIP (approx. 48MB) ZIP Compression
Version upgrade content Corresponds to Windows8, Windows8.1 and Windows10

To ensure correct realtime measurement, observe the following precautions:
  • Do not activate a screen saver.
  • Do not activate other software.
  • Do not use the power saving functions for the display unit and other devices.
  • Do not use memory-resident software.

Installation Method

Caution: If an older version of the software is already installed, you must uninstall it before installing this program.

    Install DATALOGGER for Windows following <Software Installation Manual.pdf> that is in the download item.